What do we do?

The short answer is that we help businesses communicate with their markets. Working collaboratively, we help our clients determine the appropriate medium or channel, then we go to work on concept and design, designing the visual interface, writing copy and content, producing the images or footage, then producing final files fully prepped for output or upload. Finally, we manage the project from initial concept through final delivery to make certain it stays on target and within budget.

Print materials

Contrary to reports of its demise, print is far from dead. It is an integral piece of the marketing communication puzzle with its own strengths and weaknesses. New product introductions, product line or service brochures, technical literature all need to reflect the overall visual direction that supports and reinforces brand awareness.

Like all communication media, print has its own set of rules for the effective development of visual design and messaging. It also has its own set of rules that govern what and how can be reproduced on the page or the panel. Digital print differs from photomechanical reproduction and neither are the same as letterpress. Each has a place in the mix. The team at Smith/walker Design has the knowledge and experience to incorporate the each in its own unique way into the communication mix.
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Samson ITS 2014 Ad
Vega Helmet Print Ad


Print advertising places unique demands on the printed page. The effective ad has only a few seconds to gets its core message across, yet must contain enough information to satisfy those who return to the publication for that second or third read. Partial page ads place even more emphasis on getting the look and message in the proper balance. International audiences add a third element that needs to be addressed.
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Coates Website
Email Message
WEB Banner Ad

Website design and content, interactive media design

The web is a distinct and unique media that places a premium on both the visual and informational aspects of design. Who is your market – those looking for product specifications and white papers are vastly different from just need to know if the color matches whatever they’ve got. How you navigate the site is incorporated into the visual direction from the start, making content available and the path to get to it as obvious as possible.
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Photography Location
Photography Studio
Photography People

Commercial studio and location photography

The visual image is central to everything we produce. From the start, Smith/walker Design has incorporated a fully equipped commercial photo studio into our organization. We also work on location when that’s the best option. An early adopter of digital photographic technology we understand how to get the best from the latest equipment, and how to prepare image files for just about any reproduction process used in production.
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Samson Trade Show Booth
Samson Trade Show Booth Set Up

Environmental design for exhibits and trade shows

Trade shows place a real emphasis on well designed and produced graphics. Images are generally large and viewing distances can be relatively short. There’s also the need to arrest the motion of those passing by, getting their attention and making them aware of just what you’re selling. It’s a challenge we’ve met often.
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Diadora Box Packaging
Propet Sock Sleeve Packaging


It’s three–dimensional problem solving at its best. The package has to fulfill the obvious visual objectives and yet still present all the information required by regulations governing everything from contents to country of origin.
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Short-form video and animated presentations

Whether it’s a short video describing a particular set of manufacturing capabilities, or an animated presentation that describes an often misunderstood process, motion graphics combined with a solid voiceover can take the place of reams of written content. We’ve produced short pieces for use on the web and use in live presentations that are narrated by an in-person host.
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Samson Rope ITS 2014 Vertical Ad

Vega Helemt 2013 Stealth Brand Ad

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Coates Heater Website
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Samson Rope Location Shots

Samson Rope Artistic Studio Shot


Samson Rope Trade Show Booth

Samson Rope Trade Show Booth

Diadora Ball Shelf Packaging

Propet Sock Hanger Packaging